why this is a necessity, not an option


With a population of 1,780,000 according to the 2015 national census, the City of Manila is the second most populous city in the National Capital Region. With its continued steady growth but stagnant development of new roads and thoroughfares (mainly due to lacking space and historical city layouts), the city’s traffic congestion and subsequent road safety has suffered. We believe, with this project our city could see major positive improvements for general road safety and accountability for motor incidents.

improving road safety

According to Thinking Machines, a large data company that studied traffic data derived from the MMDA, the City of Manila had the second highest total number of road related injuries and death - with pedestrians and motorcyclists being the main victims of these incidents. With a tried and tested system in place, motorists will be required to be more aware and cautious of their driving and surroundings, or face the penalisation necessary to ensure a standard of safety amongst our streets.


With this transition from manual forms of apprehension to a no contact program, obstructions and choking of traffic from apprehended vehicles will see a decrease - ensuring a smoother and more orderly flow of traffic. In addition, a more conscientious environment for pedestrians will not only keep our family and loved ones safe but could positively effect the tourism industry within the historical quarters of our beautiful city that see heavy pedestrian flow.

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